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St. Thomas Travel Tips

Some knowledge of where you are traveling is essential for a relaxing and safe vacation.  Luckily, if you are traveling from the continental U.S., there are not many differences (except driving on the other side of the road, that is!), so there is a much smaller learning curve.  Still, it is a good idea to have some tips for travel in St. Thomas.  Here, we have listed all of the important St. Thomas travel tips to ensure a great vacation.

Tips for St. Thomas Travel.

There are banks around St. Thomas, many with recognizable names from the U.S. mainland.  Banking times are typically from 9 to 4 with extended hours on Fridays until 5, with some opening up on Saturdays as well.

While the dress here is casual, it is tasteful.  Be sure to cover up your swimsuit when you are off the beach or away from the pool, and since there are places on the island with a dress code, it is a good idea to pack some nicer outfits.  While you’re packing, you should also toss in a sweater, shawl, or a light jacket as the nights are cooler than the day.

St. Thomas uses the U.S. Dollar.  Traveler’s checks and major credit cards are widely accepted.

Since St. Thomas is part of America, you will find the same style outlets with the same 110V current throughout.  If you are coming from a country that operates on a different current or with different outlets, you will want to check ahead with your hotel to see if they offer adapters, or you could bring your own.

Please tip when visiting St. Thomas!  Anyone in the service industry lives off of these tips and greatly appreciates your appreciation.  Tip typical U.S. percentages – fifteen to twenty percent is good, and more is always nice if you were happy with the service.  Before you tip in a restaurant, check your bill as some will automatically add it on.

Immigration and Passports
There are no immigration or passport requirements when traveling from the U.S. mainland, but you must bring a photo ID to travel.

Medical Facilities
St. Thomas offers emergency services, regular care, and a decompression chamber for divers at the one hospital located on the island.

Traveler Safety
Before you travel to St. Thomas, it is recommended to pack plenty of bug spray and get vaccinated for Hepatitis A.  Use caution when eating fruits and vegetables that they are well-cleaned, peeled, and thoroughly cooked, and some of the local fish is toxic and should never be eaten, including, of course, barracuda, not that they really seem appetizing anyway!  Whenever you leave your hotel room, remember to lock up, and never leave personal items unattended on the beach.

Shop away – there is no sales tax here!  Do keep in mind, however, that there will be an 8 percent room tax added to your hotel bill.

St. Thomas phone calls from country to country are just the same as any U.S. telephone call, and when you call between the island and the mainland, it works just as a state-to-state call.